Friday, May 11, 2012

This American Life

This American Life (Ira Glass and co.) did a live show last night and broadcast it to movie theaters across the country. It was fantastic. I laughed. A lot. I came very close to tears a few times as well. David Sedaris was in sad clown make-up, which was at least as terrifying as you're thinking. Also, OK Go performed (with audience participation). One of the many acts of the show included a short film by Mike Birbiglia, which I'm sure I'll be laughing about for a long time to come. Here it is:

The theater was full of public radio listeners, which is to say, the theater wasn't full at all really, but it was a great time for us nerds who did show up. It was a good couple of hours.

This was also funny...

Wasn't able to find any more clips, but I'm sure they'll find their way online soon. If you're on the LA area this coming Tuesday, they're airing an encore performance of last night's show in select theaters. I highly recommend it. 

Love, Lauren

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