Saturday, September 29, 2012


This is Ginger, our beautiful Buff Orpington. She's the queen bee of our flock, and I love her so much! Every time she hears the click of the gate when I go outside, she runs toward me, and with her fat feathered body, she looks like a fancy lady lady in a hurry- her petticoats all bunched around her knees. She's the noisiest of the girls. If it's 7am and I haven't gone outside yet, she lets me know. Lately she's been escaping to out next-door neighbor's house. There's more shade over there, which I think she likes. She has to be flying over the picket fence, as the bottom portion is blocked by chicken wire. She stays close to the fence and never can seem to remember quite how to get home, but she's immediately interested in returning if I open the bin that holds the feed. Such a little punk.
As the hen who is most willing to receive cuddles, Ginger gets scooped up regularly and carried around the yard. (Buff Orpingtons are known for their calm demeanor and good social skills.) This is an old photo of her- she lets me hold her with just one arm now and stays still while I collect eggs or close the gate. And her little voice! When she is content she coos so sweetly, very unlike her rhythmic "wake-up-it's-mooooorning" song. Additionally, she's a daintiest eater. She eats so gently from my hand, unlike her sister Chompy, named for her voraciousness. Other hens include Amelia, Felina, and my sweet girl, Clover. Photos and stories of them to come at a later date!

Love, Lauren

P.S.- Spa day for the chickens. They dug up my hydrangeas to take a group dust bath. Thanks, girls.

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